What is translational medicine?

The definition ofTranslational Medicine is broad and can mean many things to many people.

Generally Translational Medicine means the integration of biomarker and other research from basic science, medical sciences and to optimise the drug discovery process and eventually personalise patient care.

Translational Research is the underlying basis for Translational Medicine resulting in biomarker discovery and eventually the “Bench to Bedside” analogy. Successful translational research depends on integrating basic scientific research with clinical investigation and the clinical data of the patient. The biomarkers resulting from this process are then evaluated in randomised clinical trials before being accepted into drug development or normal medical practice.

Permedx has in-depth experience in many areas of translational research from early biomarker discovery and validation for optimising the drug discovery process. As well as development/commercialisation of companion diagnostics and personalised medicine.

Our depth of experience can assist clients maximise the chance of success in the implementation of translational research, from biomarker validation or full commercialisation of personalised medicine.