Biomarkers can act as an indicator of a biologic state such as a normal biological process, pathogenic process, or detect pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.

Changes in biomarker expression that correlates with disease progression, or with the susceptibility a disease to a given treatment can be used to diagnose disease risk, presence of disease in an individual, or to personalise treatments for the disease in an individual.

The use of a biomarker strategy is becoming the accepted route in drug development to increase the efficiency of the process and to create a more directed approach.
Permedx experience in this area can assist clients in developing a more efficient and focused drug development process.  The very early integration of biomarkers into drug discovery/development projects is often critical to the success of the project.

At Permedx we have been involved in the successful implementation of a number of biomarker discovery and validation strategies within leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies leading to a more focussed development strategy. A number of these biomarkers have now been incorporated in late stage clinical development within phase III trials.